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Ashampoo Music Studio 11 is the Swiss Army knife for your music. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for easy editing, producing, trimming, mixing and organizing of music and audio files.

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Music software to edit, convert and mix audio files

Ashampoo Music Studio 11 is the Swiss Army knife for your music. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for easy editing, producing, trimming, mixing and organizing of music and audio files.

With the powerful features of Ashampoo Music Studio 11, you'll get the best out of your music collection! Eight handy modules cover pretty much everything music lovers need on a computer. Whether you want to edit, burn, or cut your favorite songs–with Ashampoo Music Studio 11, you can do it quickly and easily. Record Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, and much more! Convert to other compatible formats, create mix tapes for the next party or playlists for any audio device! Bring order to your music collection, print covers, rip CDs, and much more!

  • Record apps like Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music without interruption
  • Targeted app recording instead of just "All you can hear"
  • Context menu for quick feature access
  • Instant split tracks into three segments
  • Tag editor now supports 18 different tag types
  • Assign multiple images per track
  • Easy and logical track repositioning
  • Feature groups for better clarity
  • Significantly enhanced performance in various program sections

Record individual apps instead of just "All you can hear"!
More flexible and focused than ever: That's the new Ashampoo Music Studio 11! Our ultimate music software recognizes all apps and processes that generate sounds on your PC and simply lets you pick what gets recorded e.g., Spotify, in outstanding quality, naturally! Even programs launched while Music Studio is already running will be detected. And don't worry about background noise: Ashampoo Music Studio 11 only records the apps you select and ignores everything else.

New, robust recording mode
Ashampoo Music Studio 11 is your local helper with every recording! Even if your mic's battery fails, you accidentally unplug a cable, or your audio device briefly loses connection, the recording will not be interrupted. All available audio devices are constantly monitored and instantly recordable. Where many other programs give up, Ashampoo Music Studio 11 stays on the ball and continues recordings even in the event of sudden technical issues!

Achieve your objective more quickly!
When you want to record something, every click matters, which is why menus have been significantly simplified. You can begin recording as soon as possible because all necessary settings are available on a single page. The audio source, quality, format, and output location are all included in this. Everything is easily and immediately available. This frees you up to concentrate on what really matters—making the ideal recording!

looping sneak peeks
You can now choose sections within songs as well as across tracks and play them constantly. This makes life much easier for you, for example, while you're piecing parts together because you can now hear the changes as soon as they happen.

More information and simpler use of title bars
To help you keep tracks apart and make dragging and rearranging them easier, each track now has its own title bar. The process of editing and mixing music has just been much easier!

It's all about context
Use the right-click context menu for instant feature access and save time–or rely on the enhanced tool bar. The choice is yours.

Splitting made easy
Splitting tracks at the current marker position is nice but with Ashampoo Music Studio 11, you can use selections to instantly split tracks into three parts based on the start and end of each selection. This is especially handy when you want to apply the equalizer only to the middle part.

More tags for your tracks
Tags enrich your songs with details such as artist, genre, etc. Ashampoo Music Studio 11 supports 18 different types of tags for even more meaningful metadata - a treat for perfectionists and genuine music lovers!

There can only be one? Not any more!
There's more to music artwork than just a cover photo. Booklet, band photo, or back of the sleeve, you can now add multiple photos to your songs.

It's only logical
Features are now logically grouped in the editor with availability based upon context. This means, when you're editing multiple tracks at once, we'll only enable features that apply in that setting so you'll be visually less distracted and will achieve your goal faster!

Small things matter too
You can now use smart positioning to rearrange tracks with high precision e.g., to smoothly blend tracks together. You can also apply tags by category or convert between audio formats without losing existing tags. Details matter, and Ashampoo Music Studio respects that!

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